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They may start to skip meetings, distance themselves from their support system, and eventually relapse. As we work towards this state of selflessness we find that we are slowly being relieved of the hopeless alcoholic state we once thought we were doomed to be in forever. It is constant maintenance of being spiritually connected with a god of your understanding.

  • Once you open up to this idea and implement that spiritual connection, you will experience your long-awaited spiritual awakening, the answer to that pesky spiritual malady we suffer from as alcoholics.
  • Anyone can be spiritually maladapted, but as an alcoholic, we use alcohol to deal with having a spiritual malady.
  • The addict may have a nagging feeling that they’re missing the real reason for their agony or pain.
  • When people become too self-reliant, they often start to think that they don’t need AA anymore.

But alcoholics have an “allergy” to alcohol, so for them, a couple beers turns into a world of hurt. Same thing with food—especially this time of year. Some people can have one Christmas cookie and they’re good. But for food addicts—because of their body’s “allergy” to sugar or processed foods—one Christmas cookie leads to a dozen.

The Spiritual Malady of Addiction: What Is It Exactly?

To conclude, it’s not my body — my allergic reaction to alcohol — that’s going to take me back to drinking. It’s really not my mind — the mental obsession — that is the underlying root of what will take me back to drinking. It’s the “spiritual malady”, as manifested by my EGO (selfishness-self-centeredness), that can eventually lead me back to drinking or sometimes even suicide.

This is due to the fact that addiction is really a spiritual disorder. Although the disease has biological, behavioral, and psychological roots, treating those aspects, without including the spiritual component,  is like sticking a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. If you are seeking drug and alcohol related addiction rehab for yourself or a loved one, the YourFirstStep.org hotline is a confidential and convenient solution. Find more AA meetings in Youngsville, NC review all availabilities and filter by day, times and types. What is the “elephant” in the middle of your family’s living room that everyone knows but no one talks about?

Ego collapse

This complacency can then lead to a sense of entitlement which is extremely dangerous for people in recovery. Entitlement leads to unrealistic expectations, which often leads to disappointment and resentment. Self-reliance can also be dangerous because it can lead to pride.

Among other people, it may manifest in other ways. While an addict’s spiritual malady triggers a compulsive need to use drugs, other people’s spiritual conflicts may take the form of a gambling problem, anxiety, depression, or eating disorder. Have you physically or emotionally mistreated a family member?

The Spiritual Malady: A Hole in the Soul

I’ve actually experienced that process personally. Last year I was diagnosed with diabetes, which I’ve written more about spiritual malady definition here. Fortunately, it was caught early enough that I had a chance to try and manage it with lifestyle changes.

I Put Whiskey in My Morning Coffee. It Was Just the Start – Newsweek

I Put Whiskey in My Morning Coffee. It Was Just the Start.

Posted: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Remember, you can’t heal a wound by saying it’s not there. Am I regularly seeking out the truth in God’s Word? Spending time with God and reading His word is a big part of keeping our minds healthy and grounded in truth. If we make that a daily discipline we will never regret it. Here are some questions we can ask ourselves to help us build our inventory list in this area.


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