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    Graphic Design Program Features

    • Explore design principles, digital imagery, web and multimedia, vector graphic and typography.
    • Study design principles in the context of commercial application.
    • Create design projects that are anchored to job specifications within a standard industry workflow.
    • Gain knowledge of marketing-for-designers (branding) and graphic arts techniques.
    • Design advertising layouts, web banner ads, brochures and logos.
    • Learn in a hands-on project-based environment that reflects real-world scenarios








    • $345 per unit


    You’re creative, imaginative, and artistic. Now it’s time to take your skills to the next level and become a working, knowledgeable Graphic Designer.

    Learn applied design and the art of visual communication in the Graphic Design Program at Coleman University. All courses in the program are taught by experienced designers and industry professionals.

    Professional designers are no longer confined to working only with sketch pads and pencils. You will effectively learn to use traditional practices alongside digital publishing tools, photography and image manipulation software. These tools will allow you to easily produce digital content that conveys a story or theme for your own artwork portfolio or a multimedia advertising campaign.

    Related occupations include:

    • Graphic Designer
    • Production Artist
    • Art Director
    • Creative Director
    • Illustrator
    • Package Designer
    • Digital Printing Specialist

    We teach you the principles and fundamentals of design necessary for life-long success in the creative field.


    Coleman University is a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution that invests in you!


    Coleman University is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award Associate’s degrees, Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees.

    Small Class Size

    You deserve a hands-on education and interactive environment, so each class in your academic program will keep the number of students low and participation high.

    Inverted Curriculum

    Our inverted curriculum enables students to receive their career training first; thus allowing them to attain the skills and knowledge they need to become qualified for a IT-related position in just a matter of months.

    Term 1 & Term 2


    DSN 104 Drawing: This course provides direct experience in a variety of drawing techniques to sharpen perception, stimulate imagination and increase the ability to see and interpret the world in design. Core concepts include techniques to accelerate the creative process, and improving drawing skills to be competitive in the design industry. Topics covered include composition, single and multiple point perspectives, gestural and contour drawing, quick sketching, line, shape, color, value, and form.

    DSN 114 Design Principles: This course provides an opportunity to apply basic drawing skills and brainstorming techniques to generate a variety of design ideas and solutions. Core concepts include the recognition and application of design elements and principles to construct balanced, organized compositions and employing drawing skills in the creative process as part of a typical professional workflow. Topics covered include drawing techniques, design principles, composition of type, and how to create meaningful design.

    COM 124 Computer Foundations: This entry-level technical course ensures basic computer competency with an emphasis on software used by design professionals. Core concepts include file management, selecting the right tools for the right job, and effectively managing workflows. Topics covered include operating platforms, network basics, office productivity software and design software.

    DSN 134 Typography: This course presents an overview of design principles as they pertain to the use of type in graphic design. Core concepts include challenging students to consider what a glyph or letterform is communicating on both unconscious and visual levels in order to produce typography that effectively communicates intended marketing messages. Topics covered include the history, anatomy, terminology, and application of typography.

    DSN 144 Photography: This course provides experience in commercial digital photography. Core concepts include understanding the physical, conceptual, and theoretical characteristics of digital photography, and the development of digital photography skills in producing expressive and thoughtful original images for design projects. Topics covered include framing, composition, the “rule of thirds”, light, texture, pattern, line, symmetry, depth of field, distance, perspective, culture, space, and balance.

    COM 154 Vector Graphics: This course provides an opportunity to create original vector art, and experience the important roll of vector graphics in modern graphic design. Core concepts include essential methodologies in the production of professional artwork, and developing skills with various tools and techniques for outputting high-quality print and web graphics. Topics covered include rendering techniques, file organization, output formats, digitizing organic artwork, bezier curves, colorizing, and special effects.


    Job Placement

    All current students and graduates of Coleman University are entitled to lifetime job placement through our Career Services department. You may also meet with a Career Service representative to review and critique your resume, participate in a mock interview, and much more.

    Financial Aid

    Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Administrators are available to provide individual counseling.

    Military Friendly

    All programs at Coleman University are approved for VA Training. 2015 GI Jobs Military Friendly School®.

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