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chatbots for utilities

After scouring through different resources, when the customer manages to find the right contact number or email address, there is no guarantee when – or if at all the query will be solved timely. We have several pricing tiers depending on your needs, you can check them out here. Thanks to the simplicity of JennyBot and with the frequent and fast support from GetJenny, we are able to keep training our digital co-worker more and more every day.” Stand out from competitors with prompt conversational support round the clock. In an automated way, electricity outages and restoration of service can be communicated to customers.

Additionally, by offering the option of human assistance when needed, a balanced combination of human and non-human interactions can be achieved. The use case for RPA is about more structured, predictable, and high-volume processes while smart bots can be applied to more fluid, versatile, and user-facing use cases. More and more the lines between the two are blurring as the use cases for smart bots move beyond the virtual assistant in the contact center. There could be multiple paths using which we can interact and evaluate the built text bot. Nurture and grow your business with customer relationship management software. Two scorers independently calculated an individual score for each output by inputting ChatGPT responses directly into the MSD Manual modules to ensure consensus on all output scores; there were no scoring discrepancies.

Importance of customer engagement in driving energy efficiency

Hence, startups develop chatbots that instantly reply to billing, complaints, or other service requests. Especially while changing residence, chatbots ensure that utility customers continue the service by being in constant touch with them. In conclusion, ChatGPT is transforming utility customer service and revolutionizing the way essential services are provided. By harnessing the potential of AI, utility companies can enhance customer interactions, reduce response times, and address challenges.

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How Will A.I. Learn Next? A Prediction by AI News Oct, 2023.

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While those chatbots can be moderately effective for very specific tasks, their ability to handle diverse or unexpected user queries is limited. And, traditional chatbots and related tech like IVAs require a lot of support to update and program or condition with feedback from actual customer engagements and “exception handling” when the customer “breaks” the process. Exelon has created a middleware layer that can draw data from any of those systems, and deliver it via micrsoservices to a customer-facing front-end system—including its web, mobile, interactive voice response, and now chatbots. That microservices and customer front-end is built on Oracle Mobile Cloud service. Having that cloud-based, microservices architecture lets Exelon deliver new features to customers faster, and react to new customer expectations such as chatbots.


By analyzing customer behavior, the AI model can generate insights that help utilities design targeted marketing campaigns. Consider a utility company that uses Chat-GPT to monitor changes in environmental regulations. The AI model could alert the company about any updates, ensuring compliance and avoiding potential penalties. Create milestones that will help you evaluate what constitutes a “successful” program. Consider surveying customers to get a clear understanding of their experience. Create a development timeline that allows plenty of time for planning and testing.

chatbots for utilities

If the query is more complex, the bot directs them to the next best course of action, whether it’s sending an email to a support rep or launching a support ticket that will be assigned to the next online agent. Another benefit of adopting a chatbot is that customers would receive faster responses. When it comes to simple problems, it’s tough for humans to beat a computer’s lightning-fast processors that can sort through thousands of keywords each second. That’s why bots are an excellent extension of your knowledge base, FAQs, and community forums, where they can distribute resources based on the customer’s comments. Businesses of all sizes should be using chatbots because of the advantages it provides to customer service teams.

Chatbots lead the charge when your customer service team experience heavier demands from customers in periods of power outage or supply issues. Transform your customer service team with a surge of automated support from AI chatbot technology. However, the most advanced capabilities of current chatbots can go above and beyond. Chatbots can help customers submit accurate meter readings through conversational prompts and guided forms, reducing the risk of errors. In some cases, chatbots only ask for a meter photo in which information is being automatically extracted.


So while RPA is focused on automating existing processes by applying AI technology, bots offer the opportunity to take a top-down approach in transforming business processes so that they can respond flexibly to changing customer needs. Any beginner who wishes to kickstart their development journey can begin with chatbot platforms because they are basic, easy to use, and don’t require any coding experience; you just need to understand how to drag and drop works. Rao et al [17] found that for breast cancer and breast pain screening, ChatGPT’s accuracy in determining appropriate radiologic diagnostic workup varied with the severity of initial presentation.

Due to advanced process flows achieved with the help of technologies like machine learning and natural language processing, chatbots have the ability to monitor systems and meet customer expectations. It is widely used in customer service to provide buyers with a more human-like interaction. The communication can happen through a chatbot in a messaging channel or a voice assistant on the phone. Natural language processing (NLP) is a key component that facilitates AI chatbots’ ability to comprehend and answer human questions.

chatbots for utilities

The bot helps you to get your Google Analytics metrics directly from Telegram. You may also add the bot to your work group – so, all users of the group … Very easy to use, just type “/water 45” and it will remind you to drink water every 45 minutes!

Inform customers through regular channels such as bill inserts, newsletters, and social media. For example, do you want to make service available through multiple channels? Discover MindBehind’s advanced conversational solutions to boost your sales and amplify your support services. Using our easy-to-navigate interface, start building your own sophisticated virtual assistant with zero coding skills required. Remember that every customer interaction with your chatbot is an opportunity to learn, and that the right tools will give you the opportunities you need to improve those interactions.

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34 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2024.

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For example, chatbots can equally play a role in field service enablement, providing more intelligent and versatile automation to field service workflows. Chatbots are also successfully implemented to automate routine IT helpdesk or HR queries, reducing the degree of human intervention and costs. For example, RPA could be applied in the billing process, generating high volumes of customer invoices by downloading utility consumption data and customer information from back-office systems, eliminating the need for any human intervention. Chatbots always involve some form of conversational interaction, via either voice-activated or messaging interfaces. RPA, on the other hand, can be applied to a discrete process that does not involve any type of user chat or interaction. But when you look at the use cases for intelligent automation, the lines between RPA and chatbots can overlap or intersect considerably.

Whenwhyhow provides Customer Behavior Analytics

Besides, most of the processes including handling utility bills, payment options, and promotional offers involve customer communication and can be automated. Therefore, startups develop chatbots to work in parallel with human agents to resolve both simple and complex customer inquiries. A hybrid chatbot combines rule-based and AI-driven approaches to provide a versatile conversational and personalised experience.

  • To thrive in this competitive landscape, companies must prioritise customer satisfaction by investing in customer service bots.
  • Searching online for health information has accelerated in line with advances in technology and social media uptake [1,2,3].
  • And JPMorgan isn’t alone — developing smarter, more reactive and dynamic customer service-focused chatbots is emerging as a crucial answer to the question of what AI’s right-now utility could look like for larger enterprises.
  • The bot can be programmed to perform all of the following tasks, making the process smoother, efficient, and satisfying.
  • Utility chatbot on WhatsApp creates a consistent channel for connectivity and interaction for the wide customer base.
  • Vignette #27, featuring recurrent headaches in a 31-year-old woman (final diagnosis of pheochromocytoma), showed the lowest accuracy overall (55.9%; Figure 2A; Table S2 in Multimedia Appendix 1).

Virtual assistants powered by AI are becoming increasingly popular in the utility industry, allowing customers to interact with companies more efficiently and engagingly. These AI chatbots use natural language processing and machine learning to understand customer intent and respond in a human-like way. They can assist with a range of tasks, from answering billing questions to helping customers monitor their energy usage.

Recently, there has been great interest in using the nascent but powerful chatbot for clinical decision support [16-20]. The ever-evolving landscape of technology has dramatically reshaped how we generate, distribute, and consume energy in recent years. While we strive for greater efficiency and renewable alternatives, technology’s proliferation demands increased energy consumption. One significant player transforming the energy industry is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has found growing utility adoption. AI can boost efficiency and offset energy consumption by revolutionizing various operations, management, and decision-making aspects.

chatbots for utilities

Additionally, customers may complain about inaccurate bills due to human error in meter readings. Simply delivering electricity is no longer enough; customers seek cost reduction, energy conservation, sustainability, and access to new products. With digital capabilities, personalised services and a wider product range are in demand.

chatbots for utilities

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