The mission of the Master of Science in Data Analytics program is to provide graduate learners with the skills needed to be successful data analyst, operational analyst and leader in a competitive global Information Technology arena. To develop a complete and thorough understanding of the main key technologies that constitutes data science, statistics, data mining, problem analysis, big data and decision making. To provide students with the hands-on experience and the theoretical foundation of Data Analytics. The program seeks to enable students to develop technical and quantitative and data analysis techniques and skills by participating in competency-based projects focused on the development, integration, deployment, and management of data for the solution of real-world problems. The program uses sound practices, current and emerging tools and technologies, and effective teamwork approaches.  Most importantly, these topic areas are integrated throughout the curriculum. The concepts and theories learned in the program are applied to the capstone that combines academic and professional development.

The primary academic objectives for this proposed new degree program will be the development of high-level skills in:

Defining and identifying problems that can be answered by…

The proposed Master of Science in Data Analytics is consistent with the following themes: Learning, Engagement, Global Perspectives, and Sustainability. The proposed MSDS utilizes the broad objectives/outcomes of Coleman University’s Learning Outcomes and is aligned with the Graduate Education Mission Statement, which includes a focus on graduate programs which promotes: communication and self-discovery.

Each course is 4.5 credits, with 54 total credits required for program core completion.
(This program is eligible for CPT for International Students)

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