Student Support Services provides a wide variety of services to maximize student satisfaction, personal, and academic success. Student Support Services links students to a wide range of community services including, but not limited to, housing, health care, insurance plans, transportation, and child care resources.


Additionally, Student Support Services organizes student orientation, a variety of student activities, and workshops. They also facilitate academic support for students in need of tutoring or strengthening of foundational skills.


Please visit Student Support Services to have your ID photo taken, gain information about no cost gym memberships, and ongoing information about registration, events, and graduation.


  • New Student OrientationStudent Orientation, held before the beginning of each quarter, is the key to successful matriculation. It not only gives new students the opportunity to meet and network with university officials, but to also understand different university policies, procedures and available opportunities. The welcome center has an open-door policy, students can drop by anytime during the business hours to receive assistance.
  • Tutoring Services and Academic Support Coleman University offers tutoring services and academic support to all students. There is no charge to students for tutoring services. The Student Service Centers are staffed by professional and peer tutors who provide tutoring on a one-to-one or group study basis. Each center provides assistance in a diverse range of subjects which include English, math, specific areas of study, and academic skills development.
  • Student Health Insurance Students in need of a health insurance plan can contact Student Support Services for detailed information. International students can also visit International Student Organization website www.isoa.org to obtain further information about Health Insurance for International Students studying in United States.
  • Clubs and Organizations Coleman believes that student clubs and organizations are vital to the development and education of every student.
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